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Survival and Self Defense Training: FREE Peace of Mind Survival Prepping Insights by PrepSmoothly

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Survival and self defense training need a "complete wheel of prepping".
So, get the tricks that will keep your mind and body safe when disaster strikes. survival food list
This means: survival weapons and techniques

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  • for all of your family: 5 rules of survival and self-defence

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  • Stay put or bug out? Learn when to stay and fortify, when to run, and how to make sure you're prepared for either situation.
  • Bug-out bag essentials: Make sure you've got these vital tools packed and ready to go with the right strategy!
  • Dozens of simple tricks to fortify your home: Bolster your security and slow down your assailants!
  • Which weapons are useless in a disaster: Are you relying on one of these to protect your family? Here's which survival weapons to use!

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