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This is a little bit about prepsmoothly.com.


About us

Only randomly we stumbled into it – and experienced real learning by doing:

We were no hard-core preppers and never will be. We haven’t stored ammunition to be prepared for any kind of civil terrestric war etc.. On the other hand, we didn’t want to be too light-hearted (or silly whatever you put it) and just ignore or look away.

So, was there any way of muddling through? Being a prepper but rather showing nor really feeling like this. Keeping expenses to a minimum?


If you apply some basic rules from personal development they provide you with perfect advice here: If you have any fear of whatever: Just go for it and your fear will find itself on death row.

(Beware: Fear as opposed to danger is mostly fictional setting in your mind only. So it’s your decision on how much it might affect you.)


That’s how we did it, we just prepared ourself with food stock etc. and every first Saturday per month, we rehearsed that disaster struck. First, it’s weird, of course.

The funny thing about it: Over time it’s kind of like fun. You get used to it, improve the process and it is – standard procedure. It comes quite naturally and in some paradoxical way some feeling might tell you even you’re missing out something if nothing happens.

So, this actually is a fundamental part from were we started supporting other “hesitant” people on truly smooth prepping.

– Harry


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